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Taxi Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been attracting travelers to Israel since its inception. This city is a magnificent resort located along the Mediterranean coast.

At the same time, the part of the city department is an ancient Jaffa, which entails a lot of tourists interested in historical sites of Israel, as well as pilgrims, seeking to bow to religious shrines.

In addition, Tel Aviv is the largest commercial center of the country, it is a business capital. It doesn’t matter why you arrive to Israel and what your purposes are. If you appreciate your time, you should use our taxi service in Israel.

Taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv, fascinating excursions in Israel, trips around the city will be as convenient as possible with our taxi service. Russian taxi in Tel Aviv is the most convenient, comfortable and fast transport.

With our company you will be able to visit any Israeli city or to go to the Dead Sea. Our Russian speaking drivers will be able to answer your questions and share information about all the attractions in our country.

Of course, the taxi journey is not cheap, but it has a lot of advantages. Unlike the bus, a taxi ride in Tel Aviv makes it possible to stop at any time and any place and have a meal in a cozy café, enjoy the sights you are interested in, take a picture of a favorite landscape or simply take a break from a ride.

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Israel Taxi — Ben Gurion Airport

That the journey should be really comfortable we recommend to order a taxicab (Van, Minibus, Bus) in Israel in advance. Take it right now! The “Emun” company offers welcome in the airport, delivery to the airport as well services of the personal driver, guide, courier service and medical escort in Israel.

Our advantages:

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How much does the taxi (Van, Minibus, Bus) in Israel cost?

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Personal driver with a car in Israel

Do you want to travel over the Holy land with the special comfort? The personal driver with the car in Israel is a service for the VIP-tourists that is offered by the “Emun” company at a reasonable price.

The drivers with the personal car will guarantee the exceptional comfort of travels over the country. Successful businessmen and persons that have arrived for medical treatment order this service to realize all their plans. The personal driver with the car in Israel is the offer, actual for the travellers too. Excursions to any points of the country, relaxation at the beaches and visiting the best restaurants, shopping and photographing mean that you are not restricted with the routes and transportation timetable with the personal driver.

Price list for services of «Personal driver with a car»

Luxury Sedan (3-pax.) — $350
Minivan (4-pax.) — $500
Van (8-pax.) — $600
Mercedes-Bens (3-pax.) — $650
Driver’s working day — 8 hours or 200 km. (extra 1hour — $50, extra 1km — $1.5)

Advantages of order of the personal driver services in Israel

We shall guarantee the service level habitual for you. There are the last year cars in our vehicle fleet including the Mercedes executive car.
You will be in time for date, consultation by a doctor, rendezvous with the personal driver in Israel, we guarantee it you. Our workers know peculiarities of the roads of the country and can exactly calculate the trip time taking into account the traffic congestions.
There are the air-conditioner and modern Satellite Navigation System in each car. The dispatcher is in the constant contact with your personal driver and informs about possible complications on the route in proper time.
The drivers are retrained every year, tested on knowledge of the traffic regulations and occupational safety. Besides, medical examinations are regularly realized in the “Emun” company.
Your personal driver in Israel is polite, unostentatious, proper, is always ready to come to the rescue.
The workers of the “Emun” company speak English and Hebrew. Their driver length of service is over 20 years.
Prices for services of the personal driver in Israel

The calculation of the service price is realized according to the time or distance in kilometers passed. You may order the services of the personal driver in Israel for all day long (6-10 hours), if necessary pay the additional time or distance of the trip. The prices are fixed and will not be changed after payment of your order. There are no hidden commissions and increments for the service at the weekend or at night in the “Emun” company.

The price of the services of the personal driver in Israel is not high, if one looks into it. Be agree that the result of the date depends on the well-timed arrival while the late arrival in each situation – not only in business but on holiday or treatment – means always the lost of money.

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Israel Private Tours

View a selection of our best tours in Israel below. We offer numerous opportunities to tour Israel in popular destinations such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, the Galilee and more. For a complete selection of our guided Israel tours, browse the menu above according to destination and desired length of the tour. For a longer stay, check out our Israel Tour Packages which each includes several exciting tours of the most important destinations in Israel.

Tour in Golan Heights

This tour will be interesting to those who love wild virgin nature, due to the remote location of the Golan Heights, and its beautiful mountain slopes and the traces of the former war. This territory was annexed by Israel in 1981, and not officially recognized by the UN. Driving to the Golan heights we will visit a number of interesting places, starting from the ancient city of Katzrin, the sleeping volcano of Mount Bental, an abandoned city of Quneitra, and see the border with Jordan and Syria, an further get to the baptism site on the Jordan river. We will have a possibility to attend the territory where excavations are conducted.
Excursion on Segway

Modern technology is very convenient to use during excursions on rough terrain, because it will keep you fresh and allow to see many sights and simply beautiful places. Segway is safe and easy to manage. In Jerusalem you can choose several directions, which you can observe on the Segway. So using Segway we can cover the Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the promenade of Armon Hanatziv, look at the gorgeous Mamilla and even ride around the huge square the Biblical zoo, with its animals, presented in a variety of natural conditions and landscapes.
Archaeological tours to Jordan

This tour is devoted to the very interesting country of Jordan, its millennial history and cultural heritage. During this journey, you can visit locations with archaeological excavations being carried out, and by prior arrangement, even to communicate to specialists for more detailed information about their work. We will see such wonderful historical sites as Petra, El Khazneh, Jerash and the Wadi Rum desert. It is as well a brilliant opportunity to talk to native people to learn their customs and cultural characteristics better.
Tours in Jerusalem with a personal guide – Jewish heritage

This tour aim is exploring 3000 year history of staple sacred city for Jews – Jerusalem. The Olive Mountain will show us an enchanting picture of the city; after that we will proceed prospecting the Old city. Passing handsome Jewish quarter, we will cover the 17-century-old Cardo Street. Further point is the Temple Mount – the hallow location for Jews, then we will visit Kotel – a sight of reverence of many believers of various nations. Having prayed and leaving a request to God, we will direct to New Jerusalem to observe interesting sights presenting new Israeli history.
Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

Excursion consists of subsequent parts – walking through Jerusalem with further recreation at the Dead Sea. The starting spot is the Old city with its primary sights – gorgeous Temple Mount and awesome Wailing Wall. Afterwards, on our exploration of the Via Dolorosa, we will discover Golgotha with gorgeous Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Next, we will drop off for the Dead Sea, with its unique salinity unsuitable for any inhabitants’ life. Salty water, fresh air and bright sunshine are beneficial to organism, so after the trip you will feel much better. Mineral mud strengthens immune system, reduces stress and warms the body, providing curative effect.
Desert Safari in Israel

For those who love adventure and thrill we provide this route. It begins in Jerusalem, crosses the Judean wilderness and ends on a sunny shore of Dead Sea. The off-road driving opens to us such interesting places as the Good Samaritan Shelter, archeological caves of Qumran, where ancient scrolls were located for about 2000 thousand years, ride to Murbaat, the spot of the bronze and copper ages finds. Finishing extreme road, rest on the sunny bay of the Dead Sea becomes a fantastique pleasure. Swimming in the salt water or applying healing mud makes the whole body improved and cured, and creates a great fun.
Jaffa and Tel Aviv

A very interesting trip, combining excursions to historical constructions of the old Jaffa and review of the spots of a contemporary Tel Aviv. It reveals us the origin, prosperity and decline of the port city of Jaffa, we will look at the Clock tower, Church of Saint Peter and rubbles of fortress constructed in the of Ottoman times. Next point is Neve Tzedek, a picturesque district in an incomparable colonial style with intimate cafes, delicious restaurants, vivid markets. In Tel Aviv we must appreciate the Independence Hall, the Fine-Art Museum and the White City. Tel Aviv is highly populated, even walking the streets is a very exciting adventure.
Balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight over Israel becomes a memorable event because on the one hand, you are exploring the sights of the country, learn new things, absorb its culture, and on the other hand, you have a memorable flight, watch sun rise and admire the landscapes of perfect valleys and ancient cities, learn the tradition of balloonists and exist in a very romantic atmosphere. The flight lasts about an hour and passes over the Jezreel valley, because it is the key territory for this kind of travel.
Helicopter flights

Helicopter flight for a sightseeing tour is an exciting mean of travelling. It allows getting a general idea about a huge quantity of places in Israel. Helipad is equipped in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The future direction depends on the chosen destination points, though everyone contains several historic places and nice and attractive for visitors ones. We recommend to try Spa resort Myzpe Haamim, the Chateau Golan winery, or Muscat restaurant with specialties for gourmet. The flight length depends on what you desire. The shortest is a sightseeing flight over Jerusalem. The longest leads to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, forward to the Dead Sea shore, finishes by a flight over fascinating Tel Aviv.
Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins creates a very interesting time spending for children and adults. During an hour, a professional instructor is teaching you to breathe under water with special equipment, to dive to a depth of 6 meters, after which you will dive and adore the excellence of the underwater world full of striking fish and coral, jumping and diving dolphins producing a glittering spray, note their behavior and habits. Due to the limitations on the age and health, we ask you to recognize the special terms for diving beforehand.
Day in Galilee

A day spent in Galilee brings a chance to observe maximum quantity of places, concerning lifetime or discipleship of Jesus Christ, having lack of time. We will adore the unforgettable sceneries of the Northern Israel. The ancient Nazareth will show us its spots where Jesus spent his infancy, open the doors of the Saint Joseph Church and tell the legends of the Basilica of the Nativity. Tnen, we will learn the story of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish in the same named Church, located on Galilee Sea. Further, we will discover a fishing village of Capernaum, later move to Yardenit – to undergo the ceremony of baptism in the biblical Jordan River.
Christian tours in Jerusalem

This trip is implemented for religious people, wanting to glance at the Holy places for Christians. Beginning from the Olive Mountain, where whole Jerusalem is visible at one glance, we keep on going to Gethsemane garden, venue of Jesus with his followers, afterwards direct to the Old City. Passing the Via Dolorosa with all its stops, we reach gorgeous Temple mount to adore the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, located on the crucifixion spot. Last, but not least Israel Museum shows us various exhibits, which tell us about biblical occasions, associate legends to reality.
Caesarea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra

Such one-day trip includes visits to several intriguing ancient cities situated in the Northern Israel – Caesarea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra. Moreover, journey brings you the possibility to like or admire the beauty of the Mediterranean shore. Leaving Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for Caesarea, we will find out the city erected by Herod the Great. Afterwards, we will direct to Haifa, a handsome and ancient city; further direct to Rosh Hanikra to observe limestone caves, and later in Acre – considered the oldest port. During the trip, you can enjoy fascinating landscapes of the mountainous terrain.
Bar Mitzvah Tour

Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah means a celebration of adulthood of a Jewish boy or girl, reaching 13th anniversary and you can celebrate it in Israel. You can make your personal holiday plan combining it with visiting many interesting places, to make it memorable and fun for all family members. You can choose visiting the awesome Temple Mount and the worthseeing Kotel, or move to unforgettable Dead Sea, or the wild Golan Heights. It does not matter what you choose, because all destinations involve history and religious aspects for the Jewish people, tell and revive national traditions and customs, create a unique connection of the little Jew to his historical homeland.
Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

This excursion includes a sightseeing of major Christian sites in Jerusalem – Olive Mountain, biblical Via Dolorosa, awesome Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Having observed these points, we will drive to Bethlehem situated on Palestinian territory, whose every street and grotto is connected to the name of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Bethlehem will open the doors of the Church of the Nativity at Manger square, Church of Saint Catherine, saving Milk grotto and the terrific cave of Bethlehem babies. It is a unique city for its energy, and may be this fact is the reason why on the Bethlehem icon of the Mother of God, unlike the others, the Virgin Mary is smiling.
A half-day tour in Jerusalem

If there is little time, but you really desire to be acquainted with Jerusalem shrines closer, we offer a shortened tour, which will last until lunch. This time is enough to observe the major spots in Jerusalem. From the Olive Mountain, we will come to the garden of Gethsemane, and then through the Old City come up to the Wailing Wall, go through quarters of the Old city and cover the Via Dolorosa. This excursion brings a general idea of what the city is in a rather fast pace, but it will be interesting even to young children.
Tours in Jerusalem – the Old city per day

The trip provides entire picture of Jerusalem. It begins with an unforgettable picture at the Olive Mount, full enough to observe whole city at once. Descending it, we will find ourselves among trees of the Gethsemane Garden, looking at the Church of All Nations there. Further, our goal is exploration of sights of the Old city – Cardo Street, which counts 17 centuries, magnificent Temple Mount and the hallow Kotel, gorgeous Church of the Holy Sepulcher, etc. Our last point is the memorial complex Yad Vashem where everyone honor the memory of the murdered Jews and those who tried to save them during the Second World War.
Tour «In the footsteps of Jesus”

Choosing this trip, you obtain a chance to observe spots described in the Bible, visualize various moments of Jesus’ life, feel a sense of Christians’ traditions. Starting from the Olive Mountain, we will move down to the beautiful Gethsemane garden, whose trees are so old that if they did not, their parents definitely saw Jesus. Further, getting into the Old city we will cover the Via Dolorosa stopping at the points of Jesus halted walking to Golgotha; we will bow our heads on Calvary and reach the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, constructed to mark Jesus’s burial place, later move to the Last Supper grotto. Some other historical places will also tell us their legends during this day.
The old city of Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher

This historical journey recreates the times when judicious King David, religious Jesus Christ, evil Herod the Great and wise Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine lived. Starting at the Mount of Olives and moving down to Garden of Gethsemane, which cherish long talks of Jesus and his followers, we will come to Mount Zion and discover to ourselves a very artistic Tomb of King David, outstanding leader of the Israeli nation. Further, reaching awesome Temple Mount, we will study origin of the temples, periods of existence and breakdown, aim of reconstruction, etc. The finishing point is the Saint Helen’s Church, who as legend says, found the Crucifix.
Easter in Jerusalem

To rejoice Easter, millions of believers from different countries arrive to Jerusalem, to feel an unforgettable event, which fills your soul and heart by light and faith. We will first examine several sights – the Church of the Ascension and The Church of the Dominius Flevit, the Mount of Olives and the Kidron valley. Later, we accede crowd honoring Palm Sunday, and steering it, we cover the Via Dolorosa reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to take part in the church service. We will complete by visiting St Anne’s Church and the pools of Bethesda.
Tour to Jerusalem from Ashdod port

Excursion begins in the port of Ashdod and goes to Jerusalem. It introduces major sights of the Old City. Our first point is the Olive Mountain, where we can make magnificent photos and delight enchanting landscapes, pass the Gethsemane garden to the erected on the donations of 20 countries Church of All Nations, afterwards move to the Old city. Passing 17-century-old Cardo Street, we move to gorgeous Church of the Holy Sepulcher, pointing out the location of the Tomb of Jesus, and then move the Via Dolorosa. To finish the excursion, we attend hall of fame Yad Vashem, where everyone honor memory of millions of Jews killed during the Holocaust.
Tour to Masada and the Dead Sea

This is interesting and informative trip. From Jerusalem, we will cross the Judean desert to the legendary, remarkable citadel of Masada. Constructed by Herod the Great to protect himself and his family, it impresses with a truly Royal scale. Palace, synagogues, buildings and rock-cut water system, constructed at an altitude of 450 meters in I BC, stagger the imagination. Having studied chronicles of Masada and its conquests, we will reach the Dead Sea to bathe in salt water, take mud baths to relax, rehabilitating body.
Tour to Masada and Ein Gedi

This stunning excursion combines sights, about which you can confidently say «I’ve never seen.» Leaving Jerusalem we will move to the Judean wilderness, passing hospitable Good Samaritan Shelter and notice wonderful city of Jericho, that counts 11 centuries, from afar. Next, we will climb at height of 450 meters to discover the ancient citadel of Masada, constructed on rocks and from rocks. Next point will be Ein Gedi – a real oasis in desert – a sight, which astonishes ordinary citizens. It is a nature reserve, where you can observe local animals and birds in their natural habitat.
Safed, Tiberias and mount Meron

This trail goes to the Mediterranean, crossing Armageddon plain, discovering Megiddo, which is much older than Jerusalem or Rome, experienced several fateful battles, and as the prediction of John the Revelator says, the Last battle will be here. Our next point will be Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee where we will look at its Holy tombs, and after that go to Safed, a sacred city for Jews, located on the altitude of 900m above sea level – the highest city in Israel. Further, we will move even higher – at mount Meron, from which Safed is well seen. Mount Meron is the rainiest spot in Israel, a large part is occupied by a nature reserve, and the other contains tombs sacred for the Jews.
Tour to Petra — one of the seven world wonders

This route drives to marvelous city, whose buildings are cut in rocks of soft pink color and hidden of prying eyes. Petra is situated in Jordan, where we get through the boarder point of Eilat. We will cross the Wadi Rum wilderness or the Moon valley, a place earlier inhabited by various tribes, who left petroglyphs. The trail to Petra goes through a long passage in the rock, called the Siq, which ends with the entrance to the Treasury, which is an ancient temple-tomb, completely carved in the rock. The city impresses for the scale of the work that was done.